Under Construction

While this website is currently under construction, allow me to share a short historical note that is far more intriguing than the usual “under construction” message.

Back in 1983, the domain Manevich was acquired by Sergei Novick as a wedding present from his fiancée, Irina Manevich. Fast forward to February 11, 2024, they celebrated their marriage anniversary in New Jersey. Congratulations, Sergei and Irina!

Coincidentally, on that very same date, February 11, 2024, I (Stas Manevich), without any knowledge of the aforementioned fact, sat in front of a fireplace at my home in Tel Aviv and thought that buying Manevich.com domain sounded like a great idea. So I took another sip of wine and clicked on the purchase button.

Thank you for your patience as we work on building something special. Stay tuned for updates!

Warm regards, Stas Manevich